About East Union

1039642_275758629231649_1926398009_oThe East Union Missionary Baptist Church was organized on August 14, 1852 as an arm of Unity Missionary Baptist Church. Travel was hard and weather surely played a major part in necessitating a more localized place to worship. Twelve members of Unity met at the Hendricks Schoolhouse near Graham, Kentucky to effect the beginning of this church. The number twelve is significant to East Union in that there were 12 tribes of Israel, 12 apostles and 12 charter members of this fledgling church, which was originally accepted as a member of Little Bethel Baptist Association of Hopkins County in their seventeenth year.

By consensus, most everyone felt the name East Union was representative of this small band “coming east from Unity and forming one union.” Early records indicate that our original official name was called the “United Baptist Church of Christ at East Union,” and later shortened to East Union Baptist Church. The first log church building was erected by members (probably with willing local help) which later burned. Two subsequent buildings housed the church; the second lost to age and weather, the third to another burnout.

In 1907 East Union applied for membership and, being found acceptable, was admitted into the new Muhlenberg County Baptist Association. The fourth building was completed and dedicated in 1926, and is the same one we worship in today, although many changes are evident. It was moved in 1965, from its original site to where it sits today by Peabody Coal Company, who mined the surrounding coal. Our cemeteries are still located at that site and are beautifully maintained, as many of the faithful saints of East Union are buried here.

While mining caused many of the former members to move to other locations, and with the church membership somewhat diminished, still the Love of the Lord, and the work of He, the Holy Spirit is evident and prominent in this local body today. We gladly support the Cooperative Program which is Missionary in scope, extending the Gospel of Jesus Christ worldwide. We are participating members of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Kentucky Baptist Convention and the Muhlenberg County Baptist Association. We invite all to come serve with us as we strive to do this “work of love” which God has called us to do.